Annalyn and Sofia Celyn Aban

Mother and Daughter

Annalyn Aban
General Manager, iCreate Cafe Manila

Annalyn is currently the General Manager of iCreate Cafe Manila, a company engaged in promoting science, technology, engineering, and math to the general public. 

She is a compassionate, creative and effective teacher-leader with valuable experience in the Robotics Program. 

She is also a certified LEGO Education Academy Teachers Trainer and a Felta Techvoc Academy Master Robotics Trainer.

Sofia Celyn Aba
Minecraft Education Edition Ambassador, Felta Multi Media Inc. 

An active and compassionate fifth grade student, Sofia Celyn loves to sing, to dance, and to draw. She is born a leader and an explorer. 

She is currently the Minecraft Education Edition Ambassador of Felta Multi Media, Inc.  Her advocacy to promote STEM through game based learning tools especially to the younger ones, sees her offering free classes and free mentoring to the community. 

A vlogger, Sofia Celyn creates educational contents, sharing her love and knowledge about Minecraft Education Edition.

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