Atty. Allen L. Espino

Founder and President, FORA Communications; Cancer Survivor

Atty. Allen L. Espino is the founder and president of FORA Communications, a strategic communications consulting firm she officially started with her husband in 2015. FORA Communications specializes in visibility, policy and public advocacy communications consulting services to government, non-government and private organizations.

Atty. Allen is a member of the national pool of gender experts certified by the Philippine Commission on Women. As an independent consultant, she provides technical assistance and training on gender equality and inclusion to various institutions.

Besides running her own consultancy firm, Atty. Allen is also a wife and a mother to seven-year-old Tala and five-year-old Alon. In 2020, right before the lockdown, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo surgery. She went through a nine-month treatment, which ended in October 2020.

She hopes to live the rest of her life cancer-free.

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