Flotirda Kecani

Mother, Motivator, Special Needs Supporter

Flotirda Kecani Born was born in Albania and came to England in 2006. She is a mother of two boys, one being a child with special needs. She has attended various health, social care colleges and training, and is currently working in that field. At the moment she is doing voluntary work for two different charity organisations as an after care support coordinator. Her help and support goes to people with very high needs and for loneliness, which she defines in the old ages as one of the more worse and common diseases for society. 

Flotirda believes that her mission in this life is to help her child with special needs and the many others around the country who are seeking the same type of help. Her motto is to be kind to others and if you can help someone, do not hesitate to do it but if you are unable to help, the least you can do is to not be a pain to them.

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