Michelle Aventajado

Executive Director, Best Buddies Philippines

Michelle Ressa Aventajado is a Fil-Am who left New York fifteen years ago to make a life in Manila, Philippines with her husband Nino and their three children. 

It wasn’t until the birth of her fourth child that she truly understood the necessity of inclusion and the volunteer work that she was committed to ever since her adolescence. Evangelina’s birth suddenly gave more meaning to her relocation to South East Asia. It was as if everything suddenly made sense, and the work she needed to do became even more important. 

Believing in the power of collaboration to further inclusion in all facets of society, she knows it is imperative to empower other mommas. Working with organizations and foundations have solidified her understanding that there is power when we come together. She is committed to her mission of inclusion and education, not just for her daughter, but for all the children and adults like her daughter, in the Philippines. 

Through her blog Momma ‘N Manila, her volunteer work, her motherhood, and as Executive Director of Best Buddies Philippines, she is confident that she is doing her small part in this world to further social inclusion for individuals of all abilities.

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