Rayla Allertsen

Global Educator, M.E.ntor, International Speaker and Green Entrepreneur

Rayla launched GlobalEducator.co this 2021 as an empowering life-prep platform for the youth (from toddlers to 21), young professionals, and mothers to discover self-mastery and worth, leadership, entrepreneurship, global citizenship and collaboration, and environmental responsibility. Previous to this, she has established international schools with strategic partnerships with the Calvert School of Maryland and Stephen Covey’s The Leadership in Me Program. 

GlobalEducator.Co is equipped with tested and enticing interactive 2-D animated e-books under the I Can Read Series reformatted from books that she and her mother illustrated and wrote some years back, thus, leaving a legacy, and her Signature Courses. As a M.E.ntor, her values-driven courses include MAKE M.E. HAPPEN (My Empowerment, My Economy, My Environment) with the heart and mind to Get Yourself Finally Safe and Financially Strong; and S.U.P.E.R.

An international speaker, Rayla keynotes on the Empowerment of Women and Children, Leadership, Self-Worth, Entrepreneurship and the Environment. She has spoken at the UNICEF UK, UN (NY), UN Geneva Conferences, the Global Business and Investment Forum, The Global Education Summit, The Success Women Conference (USA), The Global Woman Summit, socio-civic organizations, among others.

Rayla is also the President and CEO of Proactive Resources, Inc., a highly select B2B model whose mission is to sustain development through environmental responsibility and values. She currently serves as the Brand Ambassador of Organica Water (US and Hungary) for Water and Wastewater Treatment, and the Senior Adviser for the Philippines of Gencell (Israel) for Clean Energy. Additionally, she is a Climate Reality Leader of The Climate Reality Project (US).

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