Rebecca Bustamante

President and CEO, Asia CEO Events

The life of Rebecca Bustamante started in extreme poverty.  As a teenager, she left her home to work as a Domestic Helper in Singapore – working 7/24 with only one day off per month. Today, Rebecca Bustamante is the President and CEO of Asia CEO Events and a globally recognized Motivational speaker and mentor across Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Canada and so on.  Her moving speeches have been translated to Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indonesian.

Rebecca dedicates her time to developing in others the willpower, confidence and capacity for hard-work necessary to both survive and succeed.  She transfers her lessons in ways that are entertaining and touches people’s hearts.  Most of all, she transforms people’s careers and personal lives in an enduring manner. Rebecca leaves people with a lasting sense that they can overcome any challenge and achieve any goal they desire.

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