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Whether you are still deciding to be a mother, or you're a first time mom, or a seasoned one, it is time to pick up the phone, tablet or laptop and brush up your knowledge on what it really takes to be a thriving Online Mom in a post-pandemic world.

Let's talk at MommaCon 2021

Going Live on September 11 & 18!

Countdown to MommaCon 2021

Day 2

Desktop Device

MommaCon 2020

Last year at MommaCon 2020: Motherhood Unmasked we provided a safe space with expert speakers to answer all the questions that mommas like you were never able to ask!

Watch this video to check out what happened at MommaCon 2020.

Photos from Last Year
GCash Kyani

About MommaCon 2021

Presented by TeamAsia
MommaCon 2021

MommaCon 2021 equips you to be a better
Online Mom in Year 2!

We have talked about the great and glorious task of motherhood back in 2020 to bring out topics that are normally swept under the rug. We discussed relevant issues, uncovered meaningful topics about being a mother and started cultivating a community that is raising the next generation.

Times are changing and there are new challenges, opportunities and discoveries that the ever-growing online world brought upon us. If being a mother is a lifetime job, then we are expected to transform as the world transforms. If you believe you have, then ask yourself: Anong klaseng online mom ka?

Let’s talk at MommaCon’s Year 2!

MommaCon 2021 Topics

Day 1

15 Minute Meals (Cooking Class)

The Age of Online Mom-preneurs

I Saw Your Child Online Last Night

If You Want to Empower a Woman, Give Her a Microphone

It’s Mom-Me Time! (Personal Branding)

My Mom is My Biggest Cheerleader

The Prevailing Woman in a Man's World

Rainbow Family

What’s a Woman’s Worth?

Day 2

Blended Approach for the Blended Family Setup

Call Me Mom

Dealing with Trauma

Love in the Time of Covid

Pioneering Inclusivity

Plan for the Best, Prepare for the Worst Part (Legal, Medical, Financial)

Raising a Special Child during Extraordinary Times

Rebecca Bustamante: From Maid to Made

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